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Getting Started -KYC
Know Your Customer

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 Over 250,000 customers in 123 countries are registered with Karatbars International and the company turns over millions of euros in sales every month

To comply with anti- money laundering and identity theft regulations Karatbars complies with the industry standard  KYC  policy.

KYC simply stands for Know Your Customer and before you buy anything you must prove who you are. 

The good news is this is a very simple process and only has to be done once. 

1. Login at www.karatbars.com 

2. Click the KYC button. 
3. Upload a copy of your ID and a document withyour address. 

4. Call/email/skype me and I will track it for you. 



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Tips For UploadingKYC 

Your ID can be driving licence, passport, citizen card etc as long as it has your photo and date of birth. 

2. If you don't have a scanner use your smartphone to take a clear photo and upload it from your           smartphone or pc. (If you need help with this get in touch and I will talk you through it. 

24/7 Worldwide Support

Need help? Contact me - HERE

Tel : -  +4402086885159
What do you donext? 

Decide on aMarketing Package
 Karatbars is a serious business and we sell an amazing product range. (List attached)

In order to professionally build your business you will need a marketing package.The picture on the left gives you an idea of the brochures, discount cards,leaflets etc you receive. 

Starting at a once off €99 there is a package for everyone. You can start with one and pay the difference to upgrade at any time. 

*It is a one off cost with nothing else to pay EVER!

Karatbars is NOT M.L.Mso no monthly fee's subscriptions or future costs. 

Bronze Package -€99 / $105

Silver Paackage - €287 / $305

Gold Package -€642 / $681

VIP Package -  €1629 /$1729 

If you are interested in the VIP Package I  have €100 discount vouchers available. 

Once you have completed your KYC and purchased your package simply get in touch for your100 squares to success plan and I will show you how you can earn over$10,000 per month in this amazing company. 

Latest presentation and fast start guide HERE

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