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Update 15th June 2015 while we are waiting for launch.>>

The guy could be a good prospect for our

Scratch Card MLM, about to be launched.

Auto Scratching means his winnings would

be deposited instantly into his bank or his sponsor’s

Bank ( I Hope) if he did not want the money.





Secure Income from Home working for the

Best Gaming Company in the world.

At long last an Internet Income Opportunity

for hard working people including Business people

who really have no time for “Network Business”

on the Internet.

What if you could earn an Income just for buying

your Lucky Scratch Card on the Internet instead

of a shop or bookies? How much time would it take

you to join this Opportunity on the Internet?


What if you could get a maximum of exactly

78,625 Scratch cards per month for just

Euros 30 per month for a 1 in 3.4 chance of

winning at least $5.00 per winning card.

What is the catch?

The catch is you would have to start on the

ground floor and work your way up to the

6th Floor to earn these 78,625 Scratch cards

per month for just Euros 30 per Month.

How much money could you earn while making

your way Up to the 6th Floor

with a 1 in 3.4chance of winning at least $5.00

per winning card?

Always remember, although the top prize may

be smaller than the Lottery you are trying to earn

a monthly income and have a 1 in 3.4 chance of winning

at least$ 5.00 per winning card.

 Your allocations of Scratch Cards.

6th Floor >> You +15,625 Players (Local +International)

= 78,625 Scratch Cards.

So if 1 in 3.4 cards, is a winner, that is 4,595 wins at a

minimum of Euros 22,977 Tax free (UK)  every month.

All for Euros 30 per month. Wow!!

5th Floor >> You +3125 Players (Local + International)

=15,000 Scratch Cards

4th Floor >> You + 625 Team Players (Local

+_International) = 3000 Scratch Cards

3rd Floor>>You +125 Team players (Local +

International) = 600 Scratch Cards

2nd Floor>> You +25 Team Players (Preferably Local.)

(Relations and Friends First) = 120 Scratch Cards

1st Floor>>you +5 Team players (Preferably Local.)

(Relations and Friends First) = 5 Scratch Cards with a 1

in 3.4 chance of winning at least $5.00 per winning card.

Check it out here. You will be glad you heard about this from me

before your family members and your friends hear from some one soon.

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