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Brian Bear is sponsored  directly by Don Gonsalves( me ) in Karatbars and

is in my GVO downline through Spillover

for the last 3 yrs. He and Tissa are on the

front page of the GDI Testimonial page.

He is the only 6 figure income earner who

really cares for MLMers like I do.

He was a lorry driver in the USA and I was

a tractor driver on a farm in Kenya,( 1965/75) in our other life!!! lol

Hi Donald,

I'm hosting a training webinar (actually a Google Hangout) 
tomorrow at 12pm eastern on how to 
make a career from internet marketing:
and on Youtube at:
I've got FANTASTIC tools & info to share with you
that'll help you achieve success online! 
Here's the link where tomorrow's webinar recording will be:
I hope to see you tomorrow!  :)
--Brian Bear



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