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Monthly Paid vs One Payment for Life Membership


Why I hate monthly paid opportunities and

why you too will hate them in a year or two.

I have just visited my Genealogy page in one

of my Back Offices.

In the last 5yrs. I have lost 133,694 Downline Team

Members, down to level 80, in just one of my MLM

Internet Businesses (as off 18th March 2015.)

They were suspended with the click of a mouse,

for missing their monthly payment.

Were you one of them?

The bad news is I cannot help these members ever,

even if I became a millionaire and wanted to

pay their membership fees so they could continue

for life. They are all out of the Network for life.

Why? Because this was a monthly payment Business.

If only these wonderful people had joined my

“Member for Life” Karatbars Network Marketing Business,

I would be able to help them for life, like I do my 

2000 + Karatbars Members who are members for life, and

will never be suspended for non-payment.

Join my Good New for Life Karatbars Club and enjoy the

Never Ending Journey, even as a Free member.

Keep Passing the Golden Baton to a

Free member and watch your Team Grow

And Win.

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Donald Gonsalves