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You do not have to join Free UVioO

You can  find You tube videos on Google

and imbed your message advert with your link.

Best to use short videos without sound,

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( Send me your link and Ask me how?)

I’m one of the top earners and I’ve been

asked to share with other members what

I’m doing to be making all that money.

So here's what I do every day.

You'll see how simple it is.

Just do what I do, it works really well.




1. I post videos on wall   2. I post videos on groups wall   3. I send this message to group admins

I post about 5 videos a day on my wall. (2-3 in the morning, 2-3 in the evening). Mostly funny videos. My friends are always happy to discover my findings and to have a good laugh. I use the videos on UVioO of course and the 'Video of the day'from the toolbar, and I also use the toolbar when I'm on YouTube. When I find a good video, I simply click on the 'Share' button on the toolbar, which converts the Youtube link into a UVioO link. So, instead of sharing a YouTube link, which doesn't pay me, my friends can watch the same YouTube video on UVioO and I make money. It takes the same time,it's only a matter a choosing a different 'Share button'. Instead of clicking on the 'Share' button on YouTube's page, I click on the 'Share' button on UVioO's toolbar while I'm on Youtube. It's really easy as you can see.

When I share my video on facebook, I find it important to add a personal comment in the comment box. I found out that moreof my friends do watch it.

Example of a comment I may write:

Blonde Story :0P
Hey guys, Share this one, it's way too funny! This reminds me of a good friend of mine. Know who I'm talking about?

(Note that I add a smiley. People like them and I get way more views. But that's my style.)

And I also click on 'Like' after having shared the video.


I simply go on many groups and I post videos the same exact way as I do it on my personal wall.

I pick my 2 favorite videos of the day and I post them on about 10 groups.

This takes me about 30 minutes in the morning. I enjoy surfing on facebook anyway, so why not post a few funny videos.And you should see how many views this generates daily. And I didn't realize at first the impact this would have, but after a while it's really exciting to look at all the videos I've posted that are speading out now, increasing my earnings on autopilot.

Funny Video :0P
Hey guys, Share this one, it's way too funny!



While I'm on a facebook group, I click on 'Admins' and I send this message to every admin:

Subject :

I see that you are in touch with a lot of people so you might want to take a look at this :-)



Funny video! :0P

Make money on facebook! Did you know that you can now make money when you share videos on facebook!



4. I comment other videos   5. I make new friends every day   6. I send the video of the day by email

Every time I see a video posted by others, I comment it and click on 'Like' when I like it.

Here's the message I use:

Hi! :-) I see you like sharing videos on facebook, so you might want to take a look at UVioOwhich pays you when you share videos on facebook :

This is really powerful because by doing this, I'm targeting the perfect candidates. And even more importantly, my comment shows up on the wall of the person that shared that video, so all of his/her friends see my comment.


A ton of people want to become my friend every day because I simply post this message on the wall of the groups I visit:

Hi, I’m new here and I’m looking to make new friends.

I’m also interested in new business opportunities.

I’ll be happy to receive your invitation :-)

Until then, you might want to watch a funny video :P

By saying I'm looking for newVopportunities, I know I'll get many 'Friend requests'. So this builds up my contact list really fast.



I also log in my Hotmail account every day and send the video of the day to my friends.

Hi John,

Take a look at my video of the day! It's sooo funny! LOL :-)



And do I need to tell you that as soon as I saw money showing up on my stats page, I contacted all my facebook friends and I also sent an email to my entire contact list in Hotmail, telling them how excited I was! ... I told them that I had just started making money because I shared a few funny YouTube videos on facebook.

Let me tell you that MANY joined UVioO on that same day and it never stopped growing afterward as the videos that I share every day are spreading all over the place. Best of all, all my friends are watching and commenting my videos, so I'm having a great time! What a nice life! All the best! Jane