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What Ticket MLM?

1.High Ticket MLM or

2. Low Ticket MLM or

3.Free Ticket MLM

Free Ticket MLM’s are a scam designed to collect emails to build Massive list and sell leads etc.to millions of people desperate to succeed in MLM.

They cause a lot of confusion to Ethical MLMers who want to take advantage of MLM as a source of a good second income from home.

Low Ticket MLMs worked really well and still do. However, to make the Easy Money available on the Internet, It is wise to invest the profits from a Low ticket MLM into a High Ticket MLM, preferably a Onetime Payment for Life opportunity like Karatbars.

What ever you do make sure you join a sponsor you get to Know and Like on Facebook. (It takes 5 minutes of meeting someone to Know and Like on Facebook.

You do do not have to Trust your sponsor, because he does not pay you the commissions. Like you he is only and Affiliate.

You have to trust the company Not your Sponsor. ( You will trust him/her only after you are helped to make your first $10.00).

So do some research about the company, who pay you your commissions month after month for the rest of you life hopefully !!

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