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Testing A New Idea I Dreamed of last night.

One easy way to achieve our dreams.

Just another Idea using dot ws as my website Plate form  to write Blogs = Stories = Kalatu . See all of you MLMers "if you can see outside the box " and copy me to succeed or Ask me if you do not understand.>>

Don Gonsalves One of the first things I learned when I saw and got excited about MLM in1979 was that, for MLM to work you had to join the first person who invited you to join their opportunity if you liked it, irrespective of whether this newbie was making money or not., Is MLM failing for so many people because they rushed into Google and joined the person who was making the most money or was on top of the SEO rankings. We, must stop people doing the unethical things and stop them making the rich richer and the poor quitters, in spite of working hard to send their links out for free. Time is Money. It is not fair for MLMers who can afford to spend thousands on advertising to have such a big advantage over the newbies. and all others reading this posting. Do not Join a recruiter. Join a person who under stands what sponsoring means. Just Food for thought before you join your next opportunity Andrew Rasnick. God Bless.


Posted on Facebook  10/02/2015.

Hey I am delighted I can make contact with one of the boys in this Fun way. Think of some idea of how we can get the other two to interact with us on Facebook. None of you have to join any of my Businesses. I have got hundreds of people already. What do you think Basil N Varghese, and John Winston Verbi and Bosco Cordeiro Lobo Thanks to Facebook we are able to chat with each other after having Zero contact for over 40 / 50 yrs. This has to be a miracle that so many friends are ignoring.Good morning it is 6 .43 AM in the UK. Copy to Tony Reg DSouza

My first online Business opportunity I joined  in 2005, because it was so affordable and I new I could make it Free within 60 days. I made it free within 30 days. 

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