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Keep Passing the Golden Baton to a

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Sports men and women who understand how a 4 by 100 m.

relay race is run ,

will have an advantage over other people.

Just watch how a 4 by100 m. relay race is run.

See how the crowd responds if it is the Olympics,

and they are running for Gold for their country.

Discover why we can win with Karatbars using the same rules as the relay race.

See how Team Race is won >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwLDpcye-VM

With Karatbars Speed is not important. However, a good and Quick Baton change to a potential winner is needed.

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Food 4 Thought in March 2015

When choosing a user name for your Karartbar Home Business Opportunity

and you know that not many people have ever heard of you;

please choose a “Sexy” name. It does something to keeping you

Positive and Attracting other Positive thinking  like minded people.

However, if you are well known as a MLM millionaire, then choosing your

own name is a great asset, like Brian Bear, BrianBear

The majority of us need to use a “Sexy” name to attract other “sexy” names

Karatbars “Sexy”  usernames to qualify for Prizes and Benefits

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However, if you are well known as a MLM millionaire, then choosing your

Own name is a great asset, like Brian Bear

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Don Gonsalves   

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