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Action speaks louder than words.

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Hello Existing or ex- downline of my

massive 30,500+, MLM

team, 99% of who came into my

downline as Spillover, because that

is how I planned it to be.

My Action Speaks Louder than Words
tools that all the CEO's of MLM companies
fail to give Newbies.
Here listed are my tools for you to see
how I am going to build under you to
benefit both of us, using OLD SCHOOL
OLD School Marketing is about to make
a dramatic comeback in a few weeks’ time.
We have built a Secret group of about
1500 and will be well over 2000
before the launch of the first Non Commission
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I would love like-minded MLMers like you to have apeek of the plan.
The first MLM team on the internet that was becreated like the old days without a link. So far 95% of the group arefrom the UK> Powerful Baby Boomers, millionaires I worked with in1989/92 who helped me to earn UK £9000.00 a month without a list ofnames.
Just word of mouth introduction to one or two a month.
>>Just got confirmation that Canada will be eligible to join thisNew Exciting Non Commission ,Instant Winnings , income , which is TaxFree in some countries like the UK>>Bad new USA and 3 othercountries will be excluded>

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Talk soon
Tools I will be using to train the downline and build their business
while i strive to fill my 5 by6 Forced Matrix.
With everyone
1. My Facebook Timeline and the Secret Closed
SMC Facebook page.
2. My Massive Stiforp Rotator
3. Pages for every member in my Team
in My GDI website. dot ws>.
See examples and click on index of the
Scratch Card Pages  Example (Five_only_4_Life)>>>>>>>>

4. My Easy Video Producer and all GVO tools
5 Thousands of credits from My MAP tool.
My Advertising Pays.
6. My Pure Leverage Blogs
7 My Empower Network Blogs and Kalatu blogs.