Pre-Launch Matrix

Pre Launch Matrix

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The guy could be a good prospect for our

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Auto Scratching means his winnings would

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Hi , 

As promised,here are the details. Please read and get straight back to me!

A New Online(Instant Win) Opportunity is getting ready to Launch in April 2015 and this is YOUR chance to be there on Day 1.

One of the most successful Networking Teams in the UK and Europe is coming back together to launch this SIMPLE but LUCRATIVE online program which is launching in April across the whole of the EUROPE and many other Countries around the World.

The great thing is, all your Income will be Tax-Free! (see disclaimer in footnote) This amazing opportunity is what many of us have been waiting for and it has the potential to be bigger than anything we’ve done before.

This time YOU can be involved from DAY 1 and we predict that there WILL be cash winners within minutes of launch.

Low barrier To Entry At just €30 a month (approx £24) to join and play and with the chance to WIN over and over again this is going to be an exciting and fast growing business. The Background This Opportunity is being run by an existing Hugely Successful Gaming Company registered and licensed in Malta. They are currently turning over €400 million a MONTH online and they have a full Gaming License across the EU so they are ready to launch this INSTANT Win Opportunity from early April! This is a VERY Simple, but highly LUCRATIVE Plan!


It is FREE TO JOIN and just €30 to play. You are instantly awarded 25 x Scratch Card Credits which buys you 5 x €5 online scratch cards so you have an immediate chance to WIN!

Prizes will vary from €5 all the way up to €500,000! Note: One Scratch Card Credit is worth €1, which means that for EVERY5 Scratch Card Credits you receive, YOU will be able to buy an Online Scratch Card (Value €5) (All the scratch cards are valued at €5)

The Power of the Plan When You Play For €30 -€5 Goes Towards The Company’s Running Costs/Admin Fees And Your Website/Marketing Tools Etc And €25 buys your 5 x €5 Online Cards To Scratch.  

You Then Continue To Pay Your €30 A Month To Keep On Playing And Enjoy Further Winnings As You Start To Build Your Growing Team Of Players.  As You Share The Opportunity With Other People Your 1st Goal Is To Place 5 X Front Line Players And Help Them Introduce 5 And So On, Down 6 Levels. 

Of Course You Can And Should Introduce More Than 5, So The 6th Player Onwards Will‘Spill’ Into Your Team Beyond Your Level 1. 

When A New Player Joins Your Team They Pay Their €30 To Play And The System Automatically Sends YOU 5 Credits, And 4 Credits Are Sent To Each Of Your 5Upline Members. €5 Goes Direct To The Company For Overheads/Running Costs Etc.

The system is a simple but powerful ‘forced’ 5 x 6 matrix This is a great TEAM plan BUT to make it really work FAST it is important that you don’t rely on spillover, so you will want to go out and introduce 5 players as quickly as possible and if anything is placed under you from the team above simply regard that as a BONUS - so if it happens then GREAT!!

So here is the potential when your 5 x 6 structure is full - (Figures do not include your own 5 x Scratch Cards) From Each Of Your 5 Level 1 Players You Will Earn 5 Card Credits, From Each Of Your Level 2 Down Through Level 6 Players You Will Earn 4 Card Credits


Level 1 – 5 Players = 25 Card Credits A Month = 5 Online Cards To Scratch

Level 2 – 25 Players = 100 Card Credits A Month = 20 Online Cards To Scratch

Level 3 – 125 Players = 500 card credits a month = 100 Online cards to scratch

Level 4 – 625 Players = 2,500 card credits a month = 500 Online cards to scratch

Level 5 – 3,125 Players = 12,500 card credits a month =2,500 Online cards to scratch

Level 6 – 15,625 Players = 62,500 card credits a month = 12,500 Online cards to scratch

This gives a potential 78,125 Card Credits to YOU every month = 15,625 x €5 Cards for YOU to scratch online every month and YOU WILL WIN lots!

This is where it gets exciting! · Approximately 1 in 3.4 cards will be a WINNING card ·Based on the numbers above, YOU could have an average of 4,595 winning cards every month! ·

The MINIMUM win on a €5 card is €5, therefore 4,595 x €5 = €22,977 per month in Tax-Free Winnings to YOU - EVERY MONTH! (€275,274 Per Year) But the chances are your winnings will be higher as there are thousands of winning tickets that will more than €5 so there will be some HUGE prizes!! · 100% of each Players monthly €25 Card Credit will be paid out in prizes. 100% of the Card Credits paid in winnings with NO deductions and ALL your winnings are Tax-Free!! What do YOU donext? In this exciting pre-launch period, we are looking to work with serious people to help them build an exciting, fun and lucrative business. If you believe that what you have seen is for you, and you’d like to be part of our Team then connect with me.

We are looking for a firm commitment.



Email  :-


Tel :- 02086885159