Thank You Downline


Updated for August / Sept 2015

Planning to help you earn Euros 5000.00+

passive monthly income for Christmas 2015,

for just 30 Euros per month


What is MLM?

MLM is a lot of small commissions adding up to a Big commission

over the year. This is not a lot compared to some of the Gurus, but

good enough for me for a $44.95per month GVO Titanium Tool business,

where most of my downline are only HTP $9.97 per month members?

Commission of $2.24( GVO) and 49 cents (HTP) per month per downline.

Paid so far: Donald Gonsalves



Thank you for your commission in July 2015 and even 2014 if you were in GVO/HTP

I would like to do you a favour for all the commissions

I have earned from your membership.

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A privileged, Early Bird Member of Lucky5,

the first Non Commission MLM on the Internet. 

Launch date 15th Sept 2015.

Income is earned as Instant Wins after every

Scratch Card draw now in Pr-launch.

The First MLM  Opportunity promoted very successfully

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It is literally true that you can succeed best

and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napoleon Hill

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See how I have planned and built my MLMs for the last 30 yrs.

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Go Deep To Reap.