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My Daily Five Minute Motivation Blog.

To Motivate Myself and hopefully my whole Team.

using  my GDI website Builder I have had since 2005. ( Link at bottom)


Develop Opportunities That Really Matter

( For You, Your Children and Your Grandchildren)

The Secret to MLM is not really a Secret.

(Every MLMer is told what to do but they spend all their time looking for a catch).

It is helping or trying to help your downline members

In the opportunity you or your other members in your downline

Invited them into join. I do not think anyone “gate crashes” into

an MLM opportunity.

They are all invited. Sometimes I wish they would Gate crash.

Or just beg me to join my opportunities on the Internet.

To me Stiforp is one of my opportunities that Matter to me, like Kalatu.

What is KALATU ? Ask me in Facebook. I am using this

Viral Blogging Plate Form

provided by my Blogging Business to promote Kalatu and all my MLM and

Non MLM Opportunities.

This Blogger is definitely the best Blogging system on the Internet

So congratulation to all those who got on the leader board in Stiforp

(The Tool Business to help you promote any business like Kalatu)

Or are still on the leader board because of their past and present efforts.

Congratulation to all those members in my team on the Stiforp Leader Board.

Starting with the Newest >>Paul Wiekel,( Singapore) Pamela Marsilii

( Italy) and Octa Rendra,( Indonesia)

If I have missed any newbies, who may have joined this week and flew

Into the Leader Board please Inbox me >>in Facebook

My Stiforp username isGetFitnRich2

Don Gonsalves

Meet me if you can catch me, I am all over in the Internet.

Facebook >>Don Gonsalves

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Empower and Kalatu>>don2helpu

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