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Team Effort led by CEO,& Coach,

Joel Therien


#Member Shaun Smith

Team Support from

Joel,( USA) Yevgenia,( USA) Don Gonsalves,( UK)
Shaun Smith ( UK) Topincome

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Shaun Smith


KISS = Keep It Super Simple

1. Just learn and talk about 7 minutes of PMMF

7 minutes of Positive Momentary Muscular Failure

every other day and

2. The importance of the Rest day every other day.

3. Promote your Link  every day from the Gym situated in side the Back Office.


To Get Excited with NowLifestyle you need to


Understand the Power you have with Don's

2 by2 Power Leg done for you manually

Team building Go 6 Deep 2 Reap System.


Watch in your Back Office one or both of your 2 legs go

6 deep in weeks or even days with Forced Spillover.

 Join the done for you Go 6 Deep 2 Reap Team.

Shaun Smith ( UK) Topincome


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