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There are thousands of Home Based opportunities for people who

are broke and need to make money to subsidise their day jobs.

However there are very few opportunities for people already making

Easy money on the Internet. These people who have now got a lot of

Internet income should learn to duplicate their income with MAP.

MAP pays everyone 72 times a day for clicking just 10 adds for credits

Each day ( every 24hrs) We get paid every 20minutes and can see

This in our back office every 20 minutes.

However how much you earn every 20 minutes is completely

 dependent on the amount of advertising credit packs you

Have active each day.

1 Credit pack cost $50.00 and will earn you 72times a day. = 50 cents per day

Looks a little, but how much would $50.00 saved ina bank earn you per day?

10 Credit packs cost $500.00 and will earn you 72times a day  = $5.00 per day

How muchwould $500.00 in the bank

earn you per day? even at 10% Interest?

Look at this simple illustration of everyday earning

(in practice it's about $0,6-0,9 from each Credit Pack daily.

CP = Credit Packs at $50.00 per Pack.

10 CP( $500) = $ 5 daily

20 CP( $1,000.00) = $ 10 daily

20credit packs cost $1000.00 and will earn you

72 time a day = $10.00 per day


100 CP  ( $ 5,000.00) = $50 daily

This will enable you to reinvest $50.00 from profits daily

1000 CP( $ 50,000) = $500 daily

1200 CP ( $60,000) ( Max. allowed) = $600 daily

You earn from MAP revenue sharing while your

advertise your business.

You also earn from every personally sponsored member.

Food for thought people who have invested their

pensions etc in bonds

And ISA’s etc .

How much do they earn per day for  $60,000 ?

Even at 10% Interest?  = $6000.00 profit per year.

Now get shocked with this.

1200 CP ( $60,000) ( Max. allowed) = $600 daily

365 x $600 = $189,00.00 in MAP for clicking 10 ads per day.

Compared to $6000 + $60,000 = $66,000.00 in Bonds ect.


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