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& Simple Don's Way

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If you Fail to Plan. You are Planning to Fail 

Plan for 2023 and be ahead of the Rest. There are Three types 

of Affiliate people businesses.

1. Little Attrition ( Few Cancellations & Suspensions)

2. Lots of Attrition   ( Lots of Cancellations & Suspensions)

3. Zero Attrition ( No  Cancellations & Suspensions)

Best is Zero Attrition, because even Little Attrition businesses

end up as lots of attrition business, before they go out of business.

Best is Zero Attrition and 100 per cent winners. 

Proof of my 40 yrs search for a company to help my downline to win 

with Affiliate Marketing is in several of my  videos available on request.  

Now a New  Zero Attrition, Affiliate Marketing business has been launched. 

This is exactly what I have wanted for Family members and friends. 

You too will be able to make this your Family Business. 

Listen to these Heart to Heart Testimonials of Happy & Excited

LiveGood Members on audio first.

Real Testimonials

Now watch this video and take action.

First Zero Attrition Opportunity

Why Aileen Gonsalves and Professionals in 2020 

I am using my 30+ yrs experience & success with the 

right ethical Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

to help my daughter & her fellow Actors , etc to do this as their Plan B,

until a vaccine is found for Corona Virus. Covid-19

Who is Aileen Gonsalves ?

Artistic Director of Butterfly Theatre

How to Target professionals to work with & for you. 


Thanks for my 40 yrs of M.L.M. experience & success,  25 yrs offline & 20 yrs online, 

I can make money & help my downline with any MLM  that has Zero Attrition.

However, I use all my past M.L.Ms which have attrition as Secondary 

opportunities to make a little of easy & quick money for my 

Zero Attrition Primary Business. 

I do not like M.L.Ms that suspend & cancel memberships of 

my hard working downline team members, for non payment of  their monthly fees. 

( Why do they not build MLMs like LiveGood & MLM Gateway.)

It is so much easier to build a big team and help the downline 

with opportunities where downline never quit, and not suspended 

for non payment of their monthly fees. 

My advice to M.L.M.ers is to look for an ethical M.L.M. with Zero Attrition. 

( Member for life Opportunities like LiveGood & MLM Gateway) 

Have you joined at least one MLM which has Zero Attrition? 


Donald Gonsalves 


Why all the Confusion


Hey Guaranteed Winner, ( About Time )
Video below explains how & why?
I receive a hundred emails every day. This caught my eye.
Look,everybody and their dog is promoting
their LiveGood. Now you can be
different and STAND OUT in the LiveGood Crowd!
You have to pursue a business with Zero Attrition
to Stand Out like I have done for 20 yrs online.
Why creating a company with Zero Attrition should be ALL
Owners of MLMs Dream, so as to Make Life Meaningful(MLM)
Listen to how the MLM model should be.
Perfect Model Launched
Thursday is the Cut-Off day for spillover.
Rich Gurus, Big Hitters etc can sponsor only 2
on their 1st Level. All their hundreds of other sign ups
go under the first 2, 4, 8 16 etc(2by2) 
This creates(Zero Quitters).All Win, Win.
Zero Quitters All Win

 Best wishes



The Battle Against Attrition.

I’m no “guru” and my thoughts are no secrets.

But I have a passion for empowering others to

leverage the power of the Internet and networking 

to build or expand their business.

However, as an Affiliate I have no control, if the owner

of the company does not take steps to Battle Attrition.

Reality: People will quit your network marketing business.

The bigger my business grew the bigger was the Attrition. Sad but True.

It is called attrition and it’s something that you will need to realize quickly

so that it doesn’t affect you when it happens.

But what can you do to minimize or even eliminate your attrition rate?

After losing thousands of hard working members because of Attrition,

I decided to choose a Business with Zero Attrition.

Check it out for yourself.