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My mission is to help communities of people on Facebook,one community at a time, with the Bird In Hand Profit Sharing GotBackUp, MLM Network.

Bird In Hand GotBackUp Team (BIHGB) is my MLM Network Team. My mission is to help people on Facebook to connect and build stronger, safer, friendlier communities. Members use BIHGB to change the world, one community at a time. to exchange personal interesting news, world news, events and recommendations, to make real-world connections and to get together to improve their financial situation.

We’re a small team of smart,driven and determined people, on Facebook. Member’s meetings are informal, our “digital”fridge is always full of drinks and snacks, and we’re out to change the world,one community at a time. I treat my members like adults, and trust them to working whatever way helps them to be most productive. There are no fixed office hours, time sheets, or managers watching the clock and you can take as much or as little time off for holidays as you want.

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