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Sour Grapes

In the fable The Fox and the Grapes, which is attributed to the ancient Greek writer Aesop, the fox isn't able to reach the grapes and declares them to be sour:

Harrison Weir's 1884 English translation, which claims to be "from original sources ", presents the text like this:

A famished Fox saw some clusters of ripe black grapes hanging from a trellised vine. She resorted to all her tricks to get at them,but wearied herself in vain, for she could not reach them. At last she turned away,

( QUIT ), beguiling herself of her disappointment, and saying:

"The Grapes are sour, and not ripe as I thought"

Clue is in the Picture of the Football player.

How could the Fox have got some of these sweet  grapes?

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