·           Is Naudar Khazan the only Guru/CEO/Owner of Stiforp that realizes


the importance of other countries and languages for Network Marketing.


See Stiforp for Profits in almost 20 Languages + more to come.


Stiforp is very different to all the MLMs on the Internet. Their Matching Bonuses are



This means when you personally sponsor2 and support them

you will build a team of hundreds in a few months.


 Go 5 Levels deep, so as to earn Matching Bonus

 high commission from members even below your 14 Levels.

 The secret to success in Stiforp is getting

   Someone on your 5th or6th Level or best of all on your 14thLevelfor Maximum Leverage

   on to the Leader Board.


      When you join make sure you see the name of the person

      you join on the Top Right hand side of the website.


    Make Easy and Simple Sitforp a Community Business for the first 30 days.

     Build with 2 friends and relations. After 30 days

      build with your community in other countries through Facebook.


     This way you will be able to Mix a lot of Business with a lot of Pleasure.


Packata = Plamen Gergov









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