Facebook Chat Income

Here is a conversation I just had with my Sponsor Brian

On Facebook chat>>

Me >>Hello Brian, I am planning big time for Karatbars.

How many units and cycles do I need.

What do I have to do to earn €1,000.00?

What do I have to do to earn €5,000.00?

What do I have to do to earn €10,000.00?

What do I have to do to earn €50,000.00?


Brian >> Do you mean per week or month? Or total?

Me>> Total First.Please.

Brian>>It depends on your own level..

if you are silver you earn €40 per cycle..

if you are VIP you earn €80 per cycle so twice

as much and therefore half the time.

If you are gold you get €60 so longer than VIP

but not as long as silver.

Brian>> I am earning around €10,000 per month

now and I had to build two legs.. .. you only have

to build one because I have built one for you.

Brian >>You only need one superstar to start

building on your right and you can just take the

money every week..the thing is your superstar

may be introduced by a bronze member or a Free

member or a  customer in your team...

Brian>>The number you need is how many

people you can get to watch the video.

3-5 people per day for 6-12 months and

you will have enough people in your group

to mean it is passive income and growing by itself.

Make sure the first thing anyone does is watch 


Guru or not if he doesn't watch this video,

don't be explaining anything first.

Our system is watching the presentation first

questions second.

I never ever answer questions unless someone

watches the video and it doesn't matter who they are..

Rich, poor, experienced or newbies.

What would you do if you were investing in a

burger franchise and Mr Mac Donald sent you

a  video to watch first?

Just keep doing the same thing every day, even

if it is Free to join and not $100,000.00. Treat it like a 

$100,000.00 business.

Do not re invent the wheel.

It has worked for me and thousands of others

even in poor countries in Africa. It will work for you too.



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