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Hi Donald,

I hope your week is off to a great start! :)

As mentioned earlier, Got Backup was recently added to the Plug-In Profit Site 

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It pays you 200% commissions up front on a product that is only $10/month

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Take a look at this month's contest leaderboard below.

My goal is to get your name on this list and help you turn

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Got Backup Leaderboard

I've been in this business a long time and this is one of the best selling and highest paying

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If you have any questions, let me know. You can reach me on live chat on my site,

the help desk or by sending me a text anytime at: 214-762-2329


Stone Evans
Developer, Plug-In Profit Site

18208 Preston Rd.
Suite D-9 #311
Dallas TX 75252


This New GBU program is a 2by2 forced Matric. 
This means I can have only 2 members on my Level 1 
All my signups have to go under my downline.

If you have any questions, let me know.
You can reach me on live chat on my site, the help desk
or by sending me a text anytime at: 214-762-2329


Stone Evans
Developer, Plug-In Profit Site



Hello MLMer,
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Would you drive a Car without insurance against theft etc. Are you planning on being Online for life? Then why are you not protecting your data from theft and damage to your computer. Secure your Online Business.
My username is secureforlife.
1.Choose a meaningful username when you join.
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See GDI the 5th  Plugin-in -Profit site 


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How can you get all your direct & indirect sign ups,
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However, remember that Stone started wanting one cheque
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GotBackUp is now his First Program. Why?
As you know, people are more addicted to their cell phones,
selfies, and videos than ever before.
This makes it the perfect time to join GBU and capitalize
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See how You can use the credibility of Millionaire Stone
My GDI site is to help you. Keep It Super Smart


Keeping ISuper Simple 



























 Tiny for DCU + GVOHTP + GVO Memory Place


Memory Place 

Thanks to the Internet and millions of people 

looking for an easy way to make money, it should be 
possible to test Napoleon Hill's theory.
“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” 
– Napoleon Hill
Focus on Stage 1. 
100%  COMMISSION  for just a One payment $25 for life.
(Not $25 or more Monthly Payments like most of the other Biz. Opps.)
So if you can earn 100% profit of $25.00 hourly and you can conceive recruiting
one member hourly, then you can earn $25 every hour. 
That is $25 per hour
24 x $25 = $600 per day.
Always aim for the sky, if you miss you will at least hit  the top of the lamppost 
$25 a day will make you $750 per month x12 = $9000 per year + every year.
Click on Home, then watch Business Plan & just focus on the 100% commission 
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Watch video Business Plan ( 100% commission)
Worth  trying anyway. Nothing to lose, so much to gain,
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See the  video on the Business Plan when you register for Free.
Listen to stage 1 commission at 10 minutes onwards.
Good Luck


















by building with Don Gonsalves

Building a list of leads is only useful if you have
a good ethical business to show to 4/5 of your leads,
or relations/friends.
Make sure one of the 4/5 leads is a ZOOMER.
Check this One off payment low cost,
high potential income, 
#Just4willdo business opportunity which
has Zero Attrition ( No one ever quits)

Click on Titles in the Index- Top Line.