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Why Karatbars?

What if my 93,300 downline members in my  MLM  I joined  in 2010 were all ACTIVE?

Why are they Not Active?

My MLM Profit Positions

Just One of My MLM Downline Trees

You are qualified for 6220 profit positions (1805 already exists)

One Profit Position is given for every 15 members under you ( Personal and Non Personal Sign ups)

This means my entire organization of downline members under me to over 30 levels   both ( Alive and Dead) are 6220x 15 = 93,300

I can see all the usernames and details of these members in my genealogy in my back office daily if I wish. But they no longer Motivate me.

Unfortunately the marketing plan is based on a monthly payment.

The result is thousands quit for other opportunities or were suspended for non-payment..

What if the Marketing Plan was like Karatbars?

Now you know why I am focusing 100% on Karatbars.

Zero Attrition and 100% Retention of members for life.

One of the many ethical Gurus who is in my downline

Responsible for my massive down line is Mike Hobbs.

Listen to him and you will see why.

#GIIVE  = Giving Inspiration Is Very Essential to build a Massive MLM team.

Giving Inspiration Is Very Essential to your downline  for your success

In MLM = Multi-Level Marketing.

Mike Hobbs Secret Videos

Secret Interview Video # 4 of 4


And you can listen to several videos in his FacebookTimeline.

Mike Hobbs


Is personally Sponsoring really necessary in MLM?.

Why are so many MLMers Struggling to build  even a small MLM Team?

Can you really build a  Massive  downline without a lot of personal sponsoring?

Would you like my downline of thousands and thousands of members? I can see the usernames and details in my back office daily.

What would you pay me for my downline of 93,300 members (Alive and Dead) in just one of my MLM opportunities I joined in 2010? All these have come from just 7 Top Gurus in my downline.( None of them personally sponsored by me)

More Details in my GDI website. Click on (Dons  Spillover) in the Index of any of my GDI pages.

Now go and join any of my Karatbars link and discover the help my downline get from me daily>>