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MLM Lottery Money

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MLM Lottery Money Business Opportunity.

Something Massive is being launched at the end of March 2015 in the UK and Europe.

Someone up there made me keep these old L’Arome Booster Magazines

For all these years, from 1988.

Now I know why.


KARATBARS + ScratchMycard + The 1988 to 1992 Ex-L’Arome  6 and 7 Figure Income Earners could guarantee your Financial Freedom, Easily in 2015.

Inbox me for more information about this Exciting Opportunity being launched in 4 to 5 weeks time.

 I am 100% sure that people joining this New Scratch Card Lottery opportunity  Early will make enough money in their first or second month to become VIP members of Karatbars.=$2,175.00 Lifetime payment.


99 Euro

$135.00 Lifetime one payment


$376.00 Life time payment


$847.00 Lifetime payment


$2,175.00 Lifetime payment


All I can say is to be the first in my team to hear about this opportunity by  joining Karatbars for Free now, as I will be offering it to my Free Karatbars members First.

Unfortunately people living in the USA and some Middle East  countries like Theran   will not be able to participate, in this MLM Lottery Money Business opportunity.

To join Karatbars for Free for Life without being pestered by the company or your upline, to upgrade etc join here.

USA members should also join as I and other Non USA members in Karatbars  may be in position to pay for your Bronze Membership from our Lottery MLM business,( Tax Free Income) if you are in our downline.


To join Karatbars for Free for Life without being pestered to upgrade etc join here.

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See why I am giving Karartbars 100% Focus.


Don Gonsalves

United Kingdom 





Don Gonsalves



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