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CANIM pronounced ????

I did not have the desire to earn $1000.00 per day

Until I saw these No Brainers on video last night 9 to 11 PM (East) in the USA which was 3 to 4 am in the UK

So question is. Would you like to earn $1000.00 per day within 24 months? (Part time) .You will probably earn $10.00 per day to $20.00 day within 12 weeks but progress to $1000.00 per day within 24 months, if you can use the word Canim (pronounced correctly) on video, not on any video but this EVP video which I am using where No advertising is allowed to avoid distractions to my downline.


To your existing job. If you are jobless, I suggest you take up any low paid job. If you are on a pension

and like working on the computer you have a head start, because you have time and money to Canim

like these no brainers were doing on video. The reason I am calling these guys/gals no brainers is because 999.9 % of the “pure” educated people especially those with very high degrees call us ( MLMers) every time we try to introduce them to MLM, especially are family and friends with PhDs etc.

per month join a “Canim “  business and within two years become millionaire?

This Non Youtube, P S EVP  is the only way I am prepared to help you make $1000.00 per day.

There are over 50,000 of these videos in circulation.

You will not earn $1000.00 per day, with this EVP but

You will need it as a tool to talk about Canim.

This video is a lot easier to set up than Youtube.

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