No Money 4 Good Food

When I invited Doris username = >> doneitall> to look at

7 minutes work out

2 weeks ago after the “NO Show” with Luck5 Friends,

 her answer was that she and her friends did not

need to get Fit or Lose Weight

because they had no money and were Hungry

that is why they wanted Lucky5 Friends as a business.

I told her she did not have to get Fit before she tried

to get Rich with this

Awesome Profit Sharing Business.

She looked at it with the videos I sent her that

showed her and her friends

how to focus on making Money first

and the results are Amazing.


Within 2 weeks she built a Team of 15 downline

All paying an Average of $24.00 per month

( Less than the 30 Euros for L5)

$47.00 once a year for the website

And $19.97 monthly for the selling rights to

Make an unlimited passive income, paid daily.

Here are their usernames

They are hungry.

They need money for food

To get Fit and put on some weight first

Before losing it.

Doneitall> Doris going 2by2

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FIRST 2 WEEKS FROM 15th Sept. 2015

1 Alldone  <> 2 Stronger

3 isivuno1   <> 4 zibusiso01

5 minih      <>       6 nomzie

7 amambo   <>   8  wisey

9 sizaa       <>          10 vuyo

11 mabura       <>       12 faithcare

13 cjb68            <>      14 msaihl

                                                      15  amambo <>    


Are you hungry like Doris and her 15+ in South Africa

Do you need some money to buy food before you can put on some weight

And then focusing on losing it.

Check this out. Wait a few seconds after the first video to see

The next video with the income plan.


Was Lucky5  Friends( No Show) a blessing in disguise?



Members of my 7 mwo Team. 

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