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Hi Potential MLM Income from Home Opportunity Partner,

Don Gonsalves and his Team, from the UK and Facebook

Your MLM Upline sponsor! or potential Sponsor.

Ever looked in the dictionary to see what “sponsor”
actually means?

I’ll save you the trouble. Here’s the definition...

“One who takes responsibility for another person or a
group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship,
or probation.”

And it’s EXACTLY what my job is right now.

In this job is NOT to sign you up, and
then move on to the next person.

My job is to take responsibility for you while you’re
“learning the ropes” of this business.

I take that job VERY seriously. And you should, too.

I’m totally focused on helping you succeed.

So...what can you expect from me?

...I’ll show you EXACTLY what you should (and should
NOT) be doing in these next crucial first days as a
owner of your own business. Although you are in this

Profit Sharing Opportunity for your self, you are not by your self.

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...I’ll show you EXACTLY where every resource is that
you need to be successful with our system.

...I’ll work WITH you to help you get positive
momentum going in your new business.

...I’ll help you set REALISTIC goals for your new

...And I’ll encourage you every step of the way.

Remember, I’m “taking responsibility” for you now!

Just the way my sponsor took responsibility for me.

In fact, speaking of my sponsor, I’m going to
introduce you, if you like...let me know.

If I EVER fall down on my job...and don’t give you the
kind of training, guidance or encouragement you
deserve...I insist that you get in touch with one of
your team members.

Let them know what’s going on...and they’ll get me
back in line!


Now to be fair, just as you can expect some things
from me...I’m going to expect some things from you,

Our relationship is a two-way street.

I’ll work WITH you...but I won’t work FOR you.

You need to show me that you’re serious enough about
this business to put in the time and effort it requires.

You also need to be teachable and coach able. DON’T go
re-inventing the wheel! DON’T go spending your time
trying to “improve” the system we already have.

The tools, systems and methods we have in place are
there for one, and only one, reason.

They WORK!

They’ve worked for thousands of people who got in this
business before me.

They’re working now for me.

And they’ll work for you...if you use them.

This is something I’m very passionate about.

If you’ll work the system...the system will work for
you. You’ll be successful. (And we’ll get along just

You also need to be responsible. If you tell me that
you’re going to do something, I need to know that
you’ll follow through.

In short, I need to expect some basic things from you.

A good work ethic. Trust in the system. And

If you’ll provide that...I’ll live up to my part of
the equation. And we’ll both make money.

Fair enough?

This business is fun...a LOT of fun.

We’re going to have a blast together...I just know it.

Your Sponsor or Upline Sponsor


On Behalf of my whole Team

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

Don Gonsalves and Team.



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