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What’s the catch?
You will need a big goal to succeed in MLM. 
The Goal Motivates you to share the opportunity.
The catch is I will set the Goal for you.
I joined MLM in 1979 to Make Lots of Money 
by building a big
Network of downline members.
I made a little money part time for 9yrs 
with Amway.
However, I used my experience and little 
success in team building to Make a Lot of Money 
in 1989 with a company called L’Arome UK
Over UK £ 10,000.00 per month for 3 yrs. 
I was No 1 in Ireland 
for 3 yrs, with a team of over 5000 in my first 5 levels.
Now I still build big teams with several MLM 
opportunities on the Internet.
e.g. NLS, GVO,HTP, Karatbars Stiforp, GDI 
and now AppiTravel.
To succeed in MLM I have helped others 
make money using the easy money
I am making each month. I did it in 2005 
with the first MLM, opportunitycalled GDI.  
I paid 10.00 per month for a year for 5 of my 
first members, in the Philippines, and I am still a 
Profitable Active, Affiliate with GDI.
This page and hundreds of the others here ( In Index) 
on the side or at the bottom of this page, is one of the 
valuable GDI products.
These others then follow my example and my business keep exploding.
Check this simple and easy 2by2 MLM and if you like it, I will pay your
$35.00 to help you MLM, with me and also Make Lots of Money. 
Make GOLD your Goal like me.
So to get me to pay your $35.00 to join AppiTravel, 
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Therefore Zero Attrition for life.
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