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Update 15th June 2015 while we are waiting for launch.>>

The guy could be a good prospect for our

Scratch Card MLM, about to be launched.

Auto Scratching means his winnings would

be deposited instantly into his bank or his sponsor’s

Bank ( I Hope) if he did not want the money.

The Best MLM Product for Non Sales People

Is about to be launched.

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 My GVO, 300 + Easy Video Producer,

Motivational messages Video Clips

video clip in April 2015

This will be the best product because

Even people who do not sponsor a single downline

Could make more cash some months of the year,

than those

Who have sponsored 10 or even 1000+

It will appear here ?????????????

Curious to know how I can say this is the best

Product for MLMers?

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Do ordinary people really make money from

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New Exciting Way

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N.E.W.  = New Exciting Way


Hi ? How are you doing?  Something has come up

that I think you would be very interested in.

It's not been done before and has amazing potential worldwide.

It's a repeat purchase, fun product that will appeal to everybody

on a global basis in one of the fastest growing markets.

It also has the perfect price point.

I am part of the team heading up the launch and would love

to have a chat and outline what we are doing completely

confidentially of course.

The Bad News. Really bad for me, because most of my

downline MLM friends are in the USA.

The bad  news is that if you live in the USA you will not be able to participate in this New Exciting Way to make a secure monthly income.

The good news is that if you have friend in the UK, Europe, Australia and other countries to be announced  each week, you can get them to contact me and they can benefit from getting a head start when it is launched in 2 to 3 weeks’ time.


What is there in it for you, if any of your friends outside the USA join me?

A lot, a lot a lot.

Donald Gonsalves

Forget Work. Lets Play.


New Exciting Way

Has anyone begged to join your MLM opportunity

and you have said, “Sorry mate you cannot join”

You do not qualify, even if you are prepared to pay $1000.00

a month for this opportunity.

 Now you can say No you cannot join my Business.




Update on 21st March 2015

(Hassle FREE) Even 90 + yrs. old people

especially women, buy this product,

(Sometimes secretly!!) 




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