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 Just over 3 years ago

he was in the worst

place in his life financially.

€5 in his pocket and no

way to pay his rent! From

his computer and no budget

he started asking people to

watch a KB video

( No More Digging 4 Gold.)

He simply asked people to

watch the presentation.

The key is the word "ask" ..

He made sure a minimum

of three people per day

watched it. Every day..

without fail.. relentlessly for

weeks and months until his

business was growing by itself. 😀

He bought a lovely 4.4 V8 BMW

yesterday cash! ( 5 March 2017)

Who is he? 

He was my high flying Downline

team member for a year in one

of my MLM based in the USA.

He is now my Sponsor in this

Non MLM business based in Germany.

If he could do it so can I and you.

Let's Do it with his ONE on ONE daily help.

Breaking News First!!

Updated in October 2017