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You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Fig. You do a favour for me and I'll do a favour for you.

If you do something for me that I cannot do for myself,

I will do something for you that you cannot do for yourself.

I will help you find your 5.


My Goal is to qualify for the maximum 78,250 Scratch Card

every month.

Income per month will be Minimum of >>

23,000.00 EURO


25,749.68 USD

 Tax free per month

Scratch Cards is going MLM and is now very
different if you play on the Internet and are auto scratched.
Buying and playing Scratch cards like this is Dumb.
And will soon be something of the past.
This is just to shown you that this product 

is Perfect 4 MLM ( Do not Join any link here)

Our Perfect Scratch Card Opportunity

has not launched yet.( May be in April 2015)
The Good news is for the First month of the launch
We can only use Old School Methods to Sponsor People 
into this First Lottery MLM opportunity.
No link, just Invitation by Emails.
Are you prepared to join my Scratch Card 5 by 6 Matrix?
Would you like me to send you the link when the company
Issues them out?

Now go here to see the Income Plan. It will blow your mind.

If it does not Open , please email me for the Link,

as these links are timed and expire after 24 hrs,

to prevent us sponsoring too many at a time.


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What is Sponsoring?



Donald  Winner


Food For Thought
If I gave my family members 30 Free Lottery Tickets in April, 
and they won $200.00, in their first month, would they listen
to the your Marketing Plan, and become Members, 
if I promised to give them 30 more Lottery tickets in May? 
I may try this if you think it will work.


If you are wondering how I will be able to give my 

friends free lottery ( Scratchcards) tickets

here is the answer. 

Please send me a request to join the Company  

ScratchCard Facebook Page Group, so you can listen to all

the videos and meet some nice ethical MLMers.

Do not delay. Join provisional today before

pre-launch day, and get placed into the

Matrix to attract spillover.





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First Non Commission MLM Non_Commission_MLM


IMPORTANT: Introduce to this group ONLY people you have already emailed or spoken to personally about the opportunity AND who have committed -- on a 'handshake' -- to join you in your new venture.

Secret Group

PLEASE READ: Advanced, Pre-Launch Group For The New, Awesomely Fantastic Scratchcard Opportunity. We will keep you up-to-date with news, presentations, training, and business-building tips. We'll also show you how to get massive momentum and keep it going so you maximize your launch income and ongoing growth.
IMPORTANT: Introduce to this group ONLY people you have already  emailed or spoken to personally about the opportunity AND who have committed -- on a 'handshake' -- to join you in your new venture.


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