Keep It Super Smart


Keeping ISuper Simple 

I am an active member of these 7+ businesses
so as to find like minded prospects for my Primary Business
Digital Club United.
Do you want to build a  Club of 10,000 + within a year or two with emelem?
Having a sponsor with a heart of gold and planning to copy your sponsor's 
heart of gold is the only ethical way to do emelem.5LM or 10LM deep etc.
However, before you learn how do  emelem you must start
with my 1by1 to 6 levels deep followed by 2by2 etc.
I have built 4 x 10,000 + teams  using my 1by1 in the last 40 years
of emelming

When you join DUC I can build your business using the thousands of
leads I have generated as downline in all the businesses below.
(GDI) (GVO) (Memory Place) (MME) (GDLC) (Twenty Xpro) (Team Build Club)
Here is the link to join DUC
Here is proof that I am still an active member of the 7 other BiZ. Opps. I can
use to help us build DCU


Memory Place



Are you busy working 9 to 5 but want to see if you can also earn a small income 
on the Internet working 10 to 15 minutes a day?
You will have to commit yourself to sponsoring Just 2 people
until you see the $100 in your back office wallet.
Use only my secret Pattern Game 2by2 Marketing Plan 
to earn $100+ quickly
from any of the Business From Home Opportunities.that I am 
involved at the moment.
Digital Club United
Team Build Club
Twenty Xpro