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For 35 yrs in MLM, I have been looking to see if 
any company could create a business where no 
one quit because of the monthly payments, 
buying leads etc. Just a year ago I saw GDLC & MME 
as a business designed to build a club of like minded 
members you would then join a low cost one payment 
low cost Paid Program.
Please join Free $10 MME first then Free GDLC 
later as we are about
to join a Paid program next week.
Here is the link. Make sure you see my Name as your 
sponsor before you register with your username etc.
$10 MME is Free until the end of June only.
After you join £10 MME and receive your 10 back instantly, 
you should join Free GDLC and get paid $5 by the owners. 
Make sure you see my name as your sponsor. 
 Donald Gonsalves



Members are Free to copy any of this information to forward

to your Downline. 


All CEOs show you how to make a lot 

of money by promoting your link as soon as you 

join. However, with MME, you must learn how 

not to lose money before you start promoting your MME Link.

1.Do not promote your link until you get the Keepers Tool.
The keepers tool means you keep all your sign ups
and no one is passed up to your sponsor.

2. After the launch of the one time $26 Paid Program on the 2nd June 2021
you will get MME & GDLC spillover very quickly. You could lose a lot of money
if your spillover downline are smart to read the MME PDF rules etc  and become 
VIP members before you.You will lose ( $50 VIP & $25 Keepers tool) commission)
This will go to the company and not to your upline sponsor.

3.A one time for life $200 is very little compared to companies who
charge you $50.00 per month for a Matching bonus.
So make sure you become a one time  $200 MME/VIP before your downline, 
start upgrading to VIP etc..

MLM now could be made to mean Make Lottery Money by doing a 
little work and becoming a MME/VIP for $200
This is different to WLM = Win Lottery Money for $1 per ticket, 
that depends on Luck instead of smart work.

Please pass this information down to your downline after you are a
VIP and have the Keepers tool.
Hope this is useful information & is helpful.
Kind regards,
DonMy Make Money Even Link ( MME)( Make sure Donald Gonsalves is your sponsor
fore you click send on the registration form. 
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